FTC Sues Dish Network Over Telemarketing Violation

August 24, 2012 / Latest News

Satellite TV provider, Dish Network, is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for allegedly violating the Federal Trade Commission’s “Telemarketing Sales Rule” by calling millions of people who have asked to be taken off the company’s call list.

FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said that “it is particularly disappointing when a well-established, nationally known company – which ought to know better – appears to have flagrantly and illegally made millions of invasive calls to Americans who specifically told Dish Network to leave them alone.”

Unwanted calls were being made directly from Dish Network as well as authorized Dish Network dealers. The Federal Trade Commission is seeking civil penalties against Dish Network as part of the lawsuit.

However, Dish Network is already facing another lawsuit with the Department of Justice, on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, for allegedly calling consumers who are registered on the National Do Not Call Registry, or “causing its dealers to make such calls on its behalf.”

The Federal Trade Commission reminds consumers that they can file a complaint if they receive telemarketing calls covered under the National Do Not Call Registry after their number has been on the National Do Not Call Registry for a period of at least 31 days. You can file a complaint via donotcall.gov.

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