Everyone Wants to be in the Cloud

November 4, 2013 / Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing

Since executives from Google and Microsoft talked about cloud computing in the first half of this year, it began a frantic race to see who is ahead with cloud computing services. All the great players that we know of already have their own cloud solution. And even with the brand name, they strategically designed and promoted their solutions to make their grip on market stronger.

  • Google App Engine
  • AT&T Synaptic Hosting
  • Elastra Elastic Cloud computing
  • eNlight Cloud services
  • HP, Intel and Yahoo – Cloud computing Test Bed – Consortium initially brings together Intel 6000 color processing

Microsoft itself announced their Windows Azure platform, on 27/10/2008 the version of the operating system for the new technology that seems to be the fad of the hour, but a strong trend. The Microsoft is offering its own structure to host third party.


IBM decided to invest around U.S. $360,000,000.00 in its reform of a building in North Carolina and then launch its cloud-based datacenter. And invest over U.S. $40,000,000.00 in Tokyo also for another cloud data center.

Apparently the global financial crisis did not negatively affect IT companies. And yes envisioned a new layer for catalyzing their business plans. From the moment that turns into IT service delivery based on remote hosts and great infrastructure with guaranteed SLAs for reasonable amounts. Ask yourself some questions in the middle of the business

– Why do I need so many employees here at my company’s IT department when my details are already with major business partners and service providers?

– Why do I need the internal hardware if everything is updated via web browser? I’ll channel my resources to another area.

Can you observe a migratory movement of internal staff for tables of others or a great migratory movement to the street?

There can be given the excuse of the crisis to cut costs and reduce lag. Of course now that there are so many cases that the crisis has actually knocked on the door and it has a lot loss out there which throwing in the towel and selling the “wallet”.

According to Nicholas Carr, in his recent presentation, the company that does not invest in cloud computing solutions or cloud servers will be quickly obsolete and doomed to failure. According to him, his own “cloud” is the key to innovation which is not only necessary for the survival of ICT departments, but also the key to business survival. That is because IT departments no longer need to be so technical, but more managerial.

As per my personal point of view, virtualization would be the solutions for all problems by the end of 2013 year. Even you will see the mass amount of reduction of energy consumption and pollution emitted by data centers and ICT sectors. What nobody wants to say about the dark side means that these comings and goings of technology fads which appear as if by magic and losing their place in stardom to new waves of emerging technologies.

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