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October 5, 2011 / Control Panels

What is EHCP?

EHCP (Easy Hosting Control Panel) is a control panel, which is completely free and Open Source which means you won’t required to pay anything to use this interface.

EHCP control panel contains all the necessary things for hosting domains. Among them are Apache, MySQL, PHP5, Postfix, FTP, etc.. All services will be functioning and operating as soon as you install it on your server.

For your information; EHCP is specially oriented for Ubuntu & Debian OS, but cannot install on other Linux OS. However, it is a powerful open-source control panel, and simple to install that allows the user to manage services easily.

Here are its features:

* Customizing the interface
* Domains
* E-mail Management
* Manage FTP accounts
* Manage MySQL databases
* Management of websites (virtual host)
* Autoresponder
* Data from the web with Webalizer
* Install script.
* Managing disk quota
* Multi-languages
* Backup and Restore
* Transfer Domain Name
* …

Here you can use ehcp a control panel is easy to use and quite “powerful”, following steps will tell you how to set up ehcp on your VPS server.

  1. ehcp needs OS Ubuntu or Debian. Here we take an example of Ubuntu and I assume you’ve already installed Ubuntu on the VPS server.
  2. Open your Linux console.
    Login to root by typing sudo bash.
    Then enter the following command in the console: wget / download
    tar-zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
    cd ehcp
  3. Then type the following command at the console:
  4. After several prompts, you will be asked your name and email, then, you will be asked to password mysql and so on ..

    To phpmyadmin, you will be asked to type a server on a blue screen, Select apache2,

    for postfix, you will be required by apt-get,
    type of installation,
    select Internet Site

    After operating a while, you will see, the installation is complete.

  5. Open the panel on http://ip- and then click on the link panel
    hopefully useful

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