Do you have a website? Analyze your strategy!

July 25, 2011 / Web Hosting

I am sure you also have occurred with you. I am sure you have also become frustrated and despair about not getting the expected results with your website. And that you’ve spent much time, you’ve forced to learn new terms, you have puzzled for your website stand out from the others. You have chosen the most beautiful colors, you’ve carefully placed the most striking photos, you made everything perfect … for everything and that, nothing has worked!

Having the most beautiful website on the internet and perhaps the most expensive website does not necessarily mean a Web page for seller. Here some tips for different results, they require different actions!

Analyze your strategy.

  • Keep off time lag in loading your page.
  • Catch the attention of your site visitors in less than few seconds.
  • Use a Landing Page for that (landing page).
  • Use a blog to communicate with your audience by providing relevant and interesting news.
  • Get Involved in Social Networks.
  • Show your loyalty to customers through newsletters with valuable information, not advertising.
  • Make testing and measuring your results.
  • Direct commitment and determination may takes time, but is helps to show your purpose and participation.
  • Put yourself in the customers mind. Any effort on the Internet can be identified by clicks obtained.
  • Make to do statistics and evaluations of your results in order to constantly improve.
  • The responsibility is yours. You who want your business to become successful and you who wants to sell through internet.

All strategies right? Let me know do you like it or not…..

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