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Five Tips to Secure Your VPS and Dedicated Server


You may be a blogger or a website owner, you will always prefer VPS or dedicated server for your blog or website.  But do you know how to secure your server or do you have that much time to think upon it? No, right? So here are five simple steps to secure your VPS and dedicated server –


1. Avoid Using Password to Access –

You always use the root account password to access your server but it isn’t a safe way. You need to generate and configure SSH key so that your client can access your server further as this will decrease the chances of getting hacked with your password. read more

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Top 8 Reasons Why Virtualization is Important for SMBs


It’s a saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. It is a common sense advice which several IT managers use to explain the reason why their infrastructure isn’t virtualized yet. There have been several virtualization technologies found since over a decade but some businesses prefer only the dedicated servers with proven reliability.

For instance, where raw performance is required – like database clusters for huge real-time data crunching applications, physical servers are better. Suppose security is critical, dedicated servers prove to be better than cloud systems. read more

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5 Ways Dedicated Server Hosting Can Improve Your Business Website

5 Benefits of Dedicated Servers

So, you want to create a website for your business? Great.

First things first, you need to decide on a suitable hosting server. When online, these hosting servers provide people the opportunity to access your website.

Alternatively, you could use your own server. But, think of the electricity bills, maintenance costs, and the overall expenses of buying a server.

Is it really worth it?

You can save time and money, by simply paying for a hosting service.

There are a vast range of hosting services to choose from. No matter your business type, there is sure to be a service suitable for you. By considering the advantages and disadvantages of all the different hosting services available to you, you can be sure to find one to meet your business needs. From shared hosting, to dedicated server hosting, to virtual private server hosting and many more, you have the pick of the lot. read more

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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Dedicated Server Hosting

Why switch to dedicated server

The webhosting industry can be rather overwhelming. Over the years, hosting providers continuously introduced cheaper and cheaper plans to suit every budget. Today, this has lead to an incredible variety of hosting plans, making it quite challenging to actually find what suits you. This article focuses on one type of hosting, dedicated servers. We’ll guide you through why they should be your choice and how to find the cheapest dedicated server hosting providers.

1) More Resources, Less Problems

With dedicated servers, you typically get much more bandwidth than shared or VPS hosting, plus you get dedicated RAM and processor power. This simply means that your server is just that, YOUR server. With cheaper hosting plans, you share resources with others, hence why it is cheaper. On shared hosting plans for example, you could be sharing your server with thousands of other customers. Imagine how easy it is for one customer to mess it up for all the others. Sure, there are systems in place to help isolate you from your “neighbors”, but these systems aren’t perfect, all of you are still packed in one “house”. read more

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Email Encryption Software – The Secure Way to Send Business Emails

Email Security

What is email encryption? Any guesses….The word reflects email encryption as something related to email security. Today’s competitive digital business environment has made email encryption as operational compulsion. Email encryption plays a significant role in protecting private sensitive and valuable information via email. Email encryption software, secure email servers or secure webmail centers help in the deployment of email encryption.

For example, when a business requires to pass any confidential personal information to other organization, the business needs to deploy email encryption, like the payroll processor. Usually, email messages and attachments aren’t actually protected from the spying elements surfing the Internet. Also, businesses can opt for email encryption to send client level emails thus protecting those from end to end i.e. sender to recipient. read more

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