Cloud Server Hosting Contract Agreement

February 24, 2012 / Cloud Hosting
  1. Contract between cloud server hosting provider and client: It’s always better to have a contract between you and cloud hosting provider directly rather than involving your client.
  2. All security measures should be mentioned into contract: You need to understand how the cloud server hosting provider secures the system. Check for audit report and certifications which are required and should also include applications, infrastructure and configurations.
  3. Investigate backgrounds: You need to investigate about the cloud hosting provider’s background and reviews including technical professionals skills added in the contract.
  4. Monitoring customer’s data on cloud servers: You need to ask the cloud hosting provider in respect with access to data and how will they assure no access to the data.
  5. Security events: In case of contract, check all details as compliance, breach solutions and reporting measures. Also, responsibility of the cloud provider in case of security breach and what action the cloud hosting provider would take.
  6. Device Security: You need to ensure that all devices, virtual terminals and access devices are completely secure.
  7. Cloud server hosting provider’s financial status: Understand, if the cloud server hosting provider is financially strong to make sure your hosting provider does not shut down it’s business and dissapear without notice.
  8. How data be returned to the client: If the client cancels the services, how the data can be securely returned to the client and if the cloud hosting provider complies to all terms.
  9. Data deletion: To make sure if the data is deleted from all shared or networked devices, if more required.

A contract when hosting on a public cloud platform is important and should be signed with every cloud server hosting provider.

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