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March 26, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

Selling Cloud Hosting Services to Enterprise Businesses

Initially, we noticed that resource compliance concerns normally prevent customers from adopting, or even thinking about cloud hosting services so we decided to test the newly developed enLight platform which is based on the IaaS structure.

It allows the clients to allocate additional resources according to their needs easily. Even though our current cloud pricing model already fits into the competitive marketplace and this new cloud IaaS structure is going to allow us to offer more aggressive pricing.

What types of cloud services does offer?

We offer public and private cloud hosting services which are based on “infrastructure as a service (IaaS)” pretty similar to what other big brands offer, but only with a more easy-to-use and simple pricing model. Our cloud service users have already given us positive feedback about our services and they are satisfied with the cloud hosting costs which are much more affordable than others and easier to control.

Private Cloud vs Public Cloud Environment?

There is a purpose behind both of the services. The public cloud services are really great for small and medium-sized businesses, but when it comes to the pharmaceutical industries, large financial services, government sectors, etc … then private cloud computing is an ideal and practical choice for a long-term solution.

What kind of growth is bodHOST expecting with cloud services?

Today cloud-based services are popular among webmasters due to the redundant solutions it offers and now as we have got the ability to offer services that are more efficient, simple, and easy to control than the rest of the bigger popular brands so we are expecting to capture a decent market share of cloud computing.

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