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Cloud computing service providers and their limitations

Cloud computing is a very wide term and doesn’t cover all IT infrastructure. There are bigger challenges of migrating complex infrastructures and computes to virtual environment or cloud. You will need to consider a lot of variations while preparing a public or private cloud computing. The consideration includes increasing complexity and ever-growing data or databases.

Also, you need to know which applications need to be networked and what operating system you would probably need to run the environment. Technology have evolved over a period of time, but placement of those technologies at the right place is important or you would be loosing a lot of business due to downtime, loss of data and other factors.

Although, cloud computing like bodhost support live migrations and auto-assistance with application installations. These features are unfortunately, not provided by other cloud service providers or if you are about to install VMware or any other platform on your own. You will definitely need management services with cloud web servers that you build on them.

Many companies have developed operating mainframes, but have lost on the consideration on each requirement which are different. The main is to understand client-server architecture and requirements.

Economically, cloud hosting servers are much better with pay-as-you-go, however without management you would still be struggling setting up one unless you have managed cloud computing services.

BodHOST offers managed cloud server hosting with pay-as-you-go feature and free migrations from any live environment with no downtime.

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