Cloud Computing Architecture and Your Network

April 10, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

To build the next-generation cloud infrastructure it is essential for you to optimize the wide area network (WAN). The cloud environment brings server, storage, networking, and computing together to produce top-notch results. However, while deploying the cloud, organizations need to look at server virtualization and virtual WAN optimization as a solution.

Probably you will ask the most usual question about WAN optimization in Cloud –

How could it be beneficial for my business?

The main challenges for any large organization in the cloud are Connectivity (Bandwidth), Application Deployment, Replication, Migration, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Access, and Cloud Storage.

So before the evolution of WAN optimization in the cloud, it is really difficult for enterprises to maintain applications performance and productivity.

Now we are going to take a look on the evolution of WAN connectivity:

Internet IP VPN: Quite unreliable but good for routing. However, lower application performance and tighten productivity are awful.

Point-to-Point Private Lines or in short IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit): It allows the organizations to communicate between their offices in different countries. But this is a really expensive solution and even organizations may need to deal with each carrier in each country to order circuits, which includes separate invoices.

MPLS and WAN Optimization appliances: Multi-Protocol Label Switching System, which gives network operators a great deal of flexibility to turn and route traffic around link failures, congestion, and bottlenecks. But this is an expensive, and complex solution with fixed capacity.

So how could we deliver fast application performance by reducing complexity and cost?

The answer is cloud-based WAN optimization which will give you the ability to handle Global Network easily, plus you can accelerate applications performance. In addition, cloud-based WAN optimization not only increases visibility and security but also enhances redundancy and elasticity at half of the cost.

Key Features of Cloud-Based WAN Optimization

  • It replaces the expensive MPLS network
  • No need to purchase and maintain WAN optimization appliances
  • Well-balanced and Redundant core network
  • Application and Protocol tuning /acceleration, such as transport protocol (TCP), CIFS, HTTP, FTP
  • Quality of service (VoIP, andVideo)
  • Easy to access Cloud Services

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