Benefits of Having a Private Dedicated Server for Gaming

March 24, 2021 / Dedicated Servers

dedicated servers for gaming

Experienced gamers can find client-hosted game setups greatly infuriating due to all of the downfalls such as slowed downloading times, lost files, and lags, which can be jarring after you’re deeply invested in the game. A simple server upgrade can easily uplift your gaming experience and make it more enjoyable and glitch-free. All of your gaming headaches are immediately erased with ample viable solutions when you transfer to a dedicated server for gaming.

What is a dedicated server for gaming?

Clients and a host are an integral part of the default online multiplayer gaming adventure. The responsibility to synchronize the game and ensuring the players receive the data falls on the host who is the server. The ones who do not host, but merely play the game, are referred to as the clients.

 Typically, the game is started by the host, and the game’s local version is run by this individual using a console or a computer. The majority of work is done by the console or computer belonging to the host. It includes syncing the game, keeping a track of all the player’s locations, as well as keeping a tab on every player’s game-related activity.

As can be expected, the host’s computer or console has to deal with all of the high demands of tracking such game-related, heavy-duty activity. The lack of memory, bandwidth, or processing power in the host’s console or computer can lead to lags, a decrease in loading times, as well as dropped games in certain instances. This can prove to be infinitely frustrating.

You can avoid all of this hassle by investing in a dedicated gaming server that provides full support to your gaming experience, like bodHOST.

A completely remote server that is reserved only for your needs is called a dedicated server. It means all the resources and server space are all yours without having to share it with any other application or website.

A private dedicated server used for gaming can help you have a connection powerful enough to entirely control the gaming experience on your server, avoid lags, and have a glitch-free experience courtesy of ample CPU and RAM.

What are the advantages of a private dedicated server for gaming?

Every hosting duty will be the responsibility of your dedicated server, including managing player activity and ensuring game synchronization. When you replace a lone computer with a powerful server, there are several benefits that you’ll get to enjoy. Some of these include:

  1. Full control The dedicated server used for gaming allows you to have ultimate control of your gaming experience along with ample power to fulfill all of your gaming dreams. You can handle server configuration according to your needs, including custom script installation, picking the operating system, and setting the configuration of the game. You can control the number of players in the game, so your memory does not need to be split among too many people. You can also choose the game you want to play and other rules like what determines a win, the number of rounds, and many more.
  2. Reliability Dedicated servers come with many benefits such as 24/7 monitoring, backup generators, cooling systems, and a high amount of power. So you can make your game available around the clock. In addition to this, top-tier hardware and brilliant internet connection are also part of dedicated servers. Hence, several players can be a part of your game, but you won’t have to combat problems such as slowdowns, out-of-sync playing as well as lag. Also, the risk of you losing your game is reduced with dedicated servers because they do not save corrupt files. So you can just continue your game from where you left. Do you want to be a part of an ongoing game but want to take a break? You can do that with a dedicated server.
  3. Security You put your computer, machine, or console at risk whenever you give access to a bunch of internet-savvy users when you host a game for them. Hence, a dedicated server’s high-level security is essential. Hosting companies are known to invest in excellent firewalls, scheduled backups, DDoS protection, and manual backups. Admins also get to dictate who can log in, so that they are aware of who is involved in the game, thus keeping intruders out of your server. You can also restrict your dedicated server only to your game.
  4. Play the games you want You have complete control over which games you choose to play and which ones you don’t. It creates a mature and private environment. A console or computer host may not be able to allow multiple players to play some immensely complex games. A powerful CPU and RAM are provided by a dedicated server so that there are no crashes or lags when you are playing.
  5. Built-in support bodHost’s server is a service, not merely a tool. If you are worried your technological knowledge will hold you back from enjoying all the benefits dedicated servers have to offer, just relax. bodHOST has a support team of tech experts on standby 24/7 to provide solutions for all of your problems.

When is a dedicated server better than a VPS for gaming?

If reduced lag and better performance is your goal, you might have looked into dedicated servers and VPS too. In reality, your gaming needs might be met by VPS and you might find it more affordable than a dedicated server. However, how do you know when to choose VPS and a dedicated server for gaming? A dedicated server is a better option than VPS when you need more CPU and RAM. Plus if you don’t want to agonize over your performance and the game is too demanding, or your gaming experience requires you to scale, a dedicated server is the one for you.


These vital points make a dedicated server the much-preferred option to VPS or shared hosting for your gaming adventures. Your gaming needs will dictate the kind of server you need. In case you have any queries, you can contact bodHOST’s team and they will help you figure out the perfect dedicated server hosting for the games you intend to play.

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