Barracuda Application Firewall

January 17, 2012 / General Discussion Web Hosting

The barracuda web application firewall is a powerful protection of application layer security for web servers. This application firewall protects your website from flood attacks by strengthening the capacity of the protocols and vulnerable applications to better detect unauthorized access, data theft, denial of service or degradation of your website. Unlike other firewalls or intrusion detection systems that pass directly through traditional http, https, or ftp to web applications – barracuda web application firewall prevents hackers from gaining direct access to web servers by using the feature proxy for that traffic.

General protection of your website

The barracuda application firewall provides the best solutions for website protection, as it has the ability to secure applications against sql injections, cross-site scripting attacks by the alteration of the sessions and exceeded buffers.

Acting as a proxy shield, the barracuda application firewall inspects incoming and outgoing traffic thus it is not only ensure to block inbound attacks and conceal your website form hackers but also filter the outbound traffic to prevent any potential leakage of sensitive data such as credit card numbers or social security id, etc …..

In addition, this application firewall secures your applications from unauthorized users who may try to gain access through the integration of common authentication services like LDAP and RADIUS servers to create a possible threat. Furthermore, it also prevents the access to such kind of users who try to access PKI infrastructure to use your clients SSL certificate.

With the options referenced by edition of web security services, the barracuda firewall allows the protection of new web applications in XML format while ensuring the protection of traditional web applications in HTML format.

While filtering the traffic for attacks, it validates the XML schema, SOAP (simple object access protocol) envelops and XML content by blocking the traffic which violates the rules and tries to control your web services and applications.

Advanced Features of Management and Acceleration of Advanced Traffic

The barracuda application gateway incorporates the functions of traffic management, including caching, compression, and load balancing. Overall this application gateway not only helps you to secure your web applications but also assists you to improve their performance and availability.

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