Analyzing Why Small Business Websites Need WordPress

December 29, 2020 / Business tips WordPress Hosting

wordpress hosting for small business

Being a business owner of a small business, everyone wishes to have their professional website. These websites play a crucial role as it contains all the essential information of a company. However, setting up a business using WordPress Hosting can be a cost-effective option, making it easy to run.

WordPress helps small businesses to create their professional websites with great ease. What are other reasons that have made it the most preferred choice for building their website?

Easy Installation and Set-Ups

The concept of setting up can be a nightmare for some, and this is why a major portion of website owners don’t prefer to opt for it. However, using WordPress, it can be achieved using the following process cycle-

  • Firstly, the user needs to have his hosting account with the web hosting provider, which can be low on costs.
  • Secondly, the user needs to purchase the domain name from the web hosting provider, which can also be low on costs.
  • Lastly, the user has to login to his control panel to install WordPress on his hosting account.

Most of the hosting providers will offer pre-installed WordPress on the user’s cPanel. Configuring WordPress is also an easy task, though users might take some time to get familiar with some terms with no coding required. Post-installation and configuration of WordPress, the website is ready to use. Users can change their theme and also add relevant content related to their business.

WordPress Can Be Used for All Businesses

One of the best things related to WordPress is the versatility that it offers. Being the most popular CMS platform, WordPress developers are constantly creating several plugins, helping the user to create their different forms of websites.

Most business websites are developed with bare minimum details like- home page, contact page and some other pages containing services information. All these pages can be created with great ease using a standard installation of WordPress software. Besides basic webpages, one can also create a wide array of business specialist websites like eCommerce stores, listing websites. The numerous collection of WordPress plugins can be used for customized websites as well.

Wide Range of Available Themes

The visual appeal & feel of a website are inevitably important. Websites play a crucial role in establishing a digital brand identity for enterprises. Websites also allow enterprise owners to connect with their customers. Users can change the website design as per their wish; however, it is recommended not to change it so often.

The WordPress theme directory is a huge collection of WordPress themes that can be installed in just a few clicks. Most of these themes are free and can be readily used, whereas some WordPress themes are from private users. Each of these themes is different and also highly customizable.

A Large Number of Plugins for Extended Functionalities

Different plugins present in WordPress helps in creating various forms of WordPress websites. A WordPress plugin is defined as software that gives WordPress sites the desired extended functionalities. A plugin allows in completing the WordPress site for easier user functionalities. As of now, there are over 54,000 free WordPress plugins available and usually cover everything that a website needs. While some plugins are free of cost, WordPress does contain some premium plugins as well. Today, no website hosting platform offers a huge collection of functionalities like WordPress.

Secured Platform

Website security has become essentially important today. Thus, it becomes for the user to choose the platform that offers enhanced security for the website. One must understand that no website hosting is completely secure, though WordPress provides numerous benefits when it comes to securing the WordPress website data. WordPress’s team has several security specialists, who are constantly working to make WordPress completely free of vulnerabilities. Whenever vulnerabilities strike, the security specialist team of WordPress deals with it quite promptly. To offer enhanced protection, updates on WordPress takes place by itself, without bothering the users.

Availability of Dedicated Hosting Packages

User’s choice of web hosting and its package has become essential when hosting a WordPress site. With WordPress, users can host those servers that weren’t initially configured but can be done later to get enhanced performance. A dedicated WordPress package gets configured in the right way, ensuring websites remain at the top. A dedicated WordPress hosting package also provides that the WordPress site becomes least vulnerable to any form of intrusion, with lower downtime and faster loading.

Concluding Words

For any user looking to launch his business website and wants an easy to use and affordable solution, hosting sites with WordPress is the best choice. With websites hosted on WordPress, they get enhanced security to go along with various additional features. Today, over 35% of websites globally are hosted using WordPress, indicating the success that WordPress has gained over the years.

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