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December 22, 2011 / Reseller Hosting

What is Reseller Hosting?

There are different types of servers in the web hosting market, reseller hosting is one of them. In the case of reseller hosting account owners can utilize their fully allocated resources like hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties.

The reseller purchases the host’s services wholesale and then sells them to customers, possibly for a profit. A certain portion of the hard drive and bandwidth is allocated to the reseller account. The reseller may rent a dedicated server from a hosting company or resell shared hosting services. In the latter case, the reseller is simply given permission to sell a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth to his own customers without renting a server from a web hosting company he signed for a reseller account with.

What are the advantages of reseller hosting?

There are many advantages of reseller hosting. Those are as follows.

  1. The user gets full control over resources: Any account owner can easily create customized plans for sale. An added benefit to many of the reseller hosting services is an automated system that permits this type of selling to be done.
  2. Get Different kinds of Tools: Maximum hosting providers offer reseller hosting with different kinds of tools which makes the whole process very smooth. So, account owners don’t have to spend their time managing their accounts, they can concentrate on their core business.
  3. Lower cost: owners purchase hosting resources at a wholesale cost. That’s why they get these resources at a very cheap rate and they get more profit.
  4. Completely managed: Maximum hosting providers offer fully managed reseller hosting. If hosting owners choose a proper hosting provider then they don’t have to worry about server management.
  5. Reliability : If you don’t choose any reliable web hosting provider then you can face the following problems :
    • Customer service problem.

    • Dedicated versus shared IP problem

    • Uptime problem.

    • Bandwidth problem.

    • Storage problem.

    • Server capacity problem.

    • ¬†Scalability problem.

  6. Options for accounts: Some reseller accounts will be able to upgrade for additional benefits such as storage and bandwidth amounts. Some upgraded service options may also include things like unlimited storage and bandwidth which increases the earning potential for the customer of the reseller hosting to infinite amounts if they put in the work to get the necessary hosting sold to their own customers.

Keep in mind before choosing reseller hosting :

  1. Choose a proper hosting provider: Proper hosting provider selection is a very important task for reseller hosting. You have to select a reliable, secure flexible, and reasonable web hosting provider. Another thing is that you must go through their customer reviews to get a detailed idea about that hosting provider.
  2. Choose a proper operating system: There are mainly two types of reseller hosting, based on the operating system. First is cPanel Reseller Hosting or Linux reseller hosting and another one is reseller web hosting windows. Linux reseller hosting is cheaper than Windows reseller hosting but you have to choose as per your requirements.

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