7 Ways Cloud Computing Has Helped The Education System

June 17, 2021 / Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The past decade has witnessed a huge technological leap in cloud computing resulting in advanced shifts for students and teachers alike in the educational sector. Teachers in this age cannot focus on every student by predicting their future based on their aptitudes. However, introducing advanced technology in a classroom setting will prove beneficial for teachers as well as students in terms of engagement and overall outcomes.

In today’s world, it is of utmost importance that students develop various skills such as the proficiency to create, coherently communicate, build a critical thought process and learn to collaborate. Cloud computing is a brilliant way to build an environment in schools that is conducive to innovations. Cloud computing opens up a whole world of creative and critical thinking at an extremely affordable cost.

Long term affordability

Cost-effective is the biggest profit of cloud education software. An entire IT environment is effectively supported by cloud migration, instead of going through the hassle of taking care of a data center that is on the location. It creates this shift by helping companies have an expense that is highly predictable. Being able to predict these monthly expenses help the institution in several different ways. It minimizes maintenance of the data center along with minimizing data storage costs. You also don’t have to spend money to replace or maintain IT hardware that is getting old. Hence, it is a highly affordable way to boost your educational environment and to pave the path for new opportunities.

Makes expensive software obsolete

The SaaS model, software as a service, is the most attractive element of education via cloud computing. Software programs are now really available in the market free of cost at a highly affordable subscription price, which makes it possible for students to access high-level educational apps without worrying about the cost.

Time effective and efficient

A time crunch is one of the most common problems teachers face. The cloud provides the teachers with a variety of features that help them have more time on their hands to dedicate to instruction. There is no need to make multiple copies, as the material can be accessed by everyone from anywhere. There is no worry of misplacing your assignments or material either, as the cloud safely good onto it all. Teachers do not have to carry heavy material or notebooks around, they can easily access assignments and offer grades online through a simple device. It also helps gather and assess late assignments.

Teachers can easily map out their lesson plans on the cloud and share them whenever necessary with other faculty members or students and receive comments. It makes the process of yearly lesson planning more efficient and makes changes with minimum problems. If the device used by a teacher breaks down, the information still remains intact and easily accessible in the cloud.

Highly accessible

The features that the cloud provides open up a world of possibilities regarding accessibility. Students can access the content on the cloud from any corner of the world and at any time. There are several courses and activities they could easily participate in. Distance and time do not hamper the learning progress or accessibility to course material. You can also access content through various devices so that you can study while traveling.

Costly hardware is unnecessary

Schools, students and other educational institutions do not need to invest in costly computers and laptops since cloud-based apps can be accessed from cost-effective services like mobile. A smartphone of the lowest cost can help you access your cloud and all the material on it. Moreover, you do not need to buy an external storage device because many applications provide you with free of cost cloud storage space.

A wide variety of students gain access

Students are offered new opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without cloud computing. A wide range of students who could not get access to education through traditional means can do so now with the giant leaps in technology. Online education has enabled students from higher age groups to complete their education while possibly holding down a job. You can also gain specifically targeted specialisation instead of a full course of study that will help you become better at your specific job.

Easily accessible cloud services

Cloud computing includes cloud hosting providers taking care of cloud servers which includes ample security for students as well as educational professionals.  A majority of cloud hosting providers provide basic cloud infrastructure security. Safety features are easily accessible for all who avail themselves of the cloud service. It also is known to provide incredible reliability. Hence, you do not have to worry about your information in case your device stops working since all the information stored in the cloud is still safe and intact.


Cloud computing technology has catapulted the world of education and how we access learning to a whole new level. The low costs, access from all services making expensive software and hardware redundant, have enabled students from all walks of life to gain education and open up a whole world of possibilities.