7 Amazing Features of bodHOST’s Shared Hosting

July 28, 2021 / Shared hosting

Shared hosting services come in all shapes and sizes, and so do shared hosting providers. bodHOST offers the best-shared hosting services that only become better with time. Your website will receive the best shared hosting service if you buy our bodHOST shared hosting plan which includes some of the best features in the industry.

  1. Cutting-edge technology To attain success you need to do more than just online website hosting. There are several factors that come into play to boost your website’s Google ranking and to keep your customer base coming back. It includes rapid loading speed, optimum performance, and maximum uptime. We at bodHOST guarantee the best features that boost your website to deliver on all of these levels and more. You do not have to worry about an old server trudging through. bodHOST presents you with the best cutting-edge technology in the market to set you head and shoulders above your competition.
  2. Huge amount of bandwidth You are granted a very small amount of bandwidth by certain web-hosting providers, which is the size of data you can exchange in a specific amount of time. When you commit to such a small amount of data that is sufficient for you, in the future if you get a lot of traffic your need might increase. If you have reached your limit for the month, your website will disappear which could cause a lot of damage to your ranking. The only option that remains is to invest more money in a bigger package. Fortunately, bodHOST offers huge amounts of bandwidth with every plan that can help your business grow at any rate without you worrying about accommodating traffic. The sky’s the limit.
  3. No-cost SSL certificates SSL certificates are indisputable for every website on the internet. These certificates help protect the payment credentials of your customers by encrypting them and securing the information your customers entrust you with when they buy your products and services. You are given a lock on your browser that communicates to your customers that your website is extremely safe. bodHOST offers you an SSL certificate for all of your websites without any added cost. There are a lot of web hosting services that do not provide an SSL certificate, or you have to pay more for it.
  4. Benefits of cPanel You can take care of various aspects of your website like emails, files, donations and databases through your control panel. Given the fact that new businesses are the ones you commonly opt for shared hosting, they might not be well acquainted with it. Hence a simple to use control panel with a variety of useful features is a dream come true. bodHOST provides cPanel as their control panel, which is the best control panel in the industry. It is easy to use and provides a huge range of features and functions that help website management. 
  5. Migration without the added cost Several website owners have no idea how to migrate their website to a new host, which results in staying with the same host even if they are not fulfilling your needs and there are better options in the market. bodHOST provides a simple way to resolve your worries. If you choose bodHOST as your web host, your website will be migrated by our experts without any added cost.
  6. I.T. Server support 24/7/365 New website owners might have limited IT knowledge, which makes handling IT technical support one of the most important features you can offer. It can cost you a lot of money to buy tech support from a third party. Hence picking a web hosting service that has tech support inbuilt into their plan. bodHOST is the best-shared hosting service to provide tech support all day and year round. You can contact us for support via several platforms such as telephone, emails, chat, and tickets. Rest assured, we have your back whenever and wherever you need our IT experts for.
  7. Backups are part of the package In case you lose your data due to natural disasters or malicious attacks, it can set your business back and undo all of your progress. More than half of all businesses that lose their data inevitably fall. Hence backing up your data is needed to make sure that in case of disaster, you can easily, without losing any time, recover it all and keep your website going. bodHOST provides backups that are a crucial part of running your website. The backups are done daily, so your latest information is kept safe. 


bodHOST is one of the best shared hosting providers in the U.S. It has several plans that you can choose from based on the varying needs of your business and its website. It is without a doubt the best plan to help provide your website with optimum performance, reliability, and safety. It also provides your business website with an easy-to-use and efficient control panel to help with management. You can avail yourself of all of these amazing features at the most affordable prices.