6 Reasons Why SMBs Should Consider Fully Managed Hosting

April 29, 2021 / Web Hosting

SMB -Manged Web Hosting

Owners of small to medium businesses most likely opt for fully managed hosting services. They are in high demand across the board as buying a server and its management is becoming more expensive for a corporate business to handle. Server maintenance requires huge investments of time and space resources. Once your business takes flight, there are other core functions that you need to focus your resources on, and choose a fully managed web hosting provider to take care of the rest. 

Let’s take a quick glance at what managed web hosting services entail and why they are a boon for businesses big and small.

What does managed hosting entail?

A hosting company providing its services to successfully handle administration, setup, management, and providing server or application support, is known as managed hosting. The services for management usually include 24/7/365 support, hardware management, OS patching and updates, infrastructure management, spam and virus protection plus other ground-level security measures, and monitoring or fixing issues that could alter the smooth functioning of the server’s performance. These might vary slightly from host to host, but the majority of hosts provide most of these functions.

The managed web hosting company makes sure that the applications and websites of the client remain functional at all times. These features are guaranteed by the Service Level Agreement that defines the consequences of downtime or if some other issues crop up.

Similar to the agreement you might have with contractors to ensure effective scaling, you can just as easily have over hosting management future to experts which leaves able of time and in house resources to focus on your core duties.

What are the benefits of employing fully managed web hosting services?

  1. Backup management and recovery Small and medium businesses can benefit from the data backup features provided by a fully managed web hosting service, along with receiving steady service. You can entirely focus on your core responsibilities since the server and data issues will be taken care of by the web hosting provider. You can also enjoy features such as automated backup solutions, protection for your network, and redundant servers.
  2. Incredible scalability Your business can grow exponentially with the help of fully managed web hosting services. You do not have to endure the cost of server installation, as well as, employing and training employees in house. You can easily let your web service provider handle these responsibilities and you can take care of business. You can maintain your hardware under the supervision of highly skilled experts that you can choose to pay according to the amount you have chosen in the beginning.
  3. Amplified security Your fully managed web hosting service provider will help protect your data from malicious cyber attacks. Your web hosting provider will be responsible for encrypting your data, backing it up, and quarantining your data. Hackers have evolved and become increasingly technology-oriented, using AI and automation to unlawfully gain access to your data. While you might have to shell out a higher amount for data protection, it’s worth it.
  4. Monitoring your server thoroughly One of the most important aspects of an organisation is monitoring the server. It needs to be scanned on a regular basis to avoid irregularities. The server has to be monitored continuously by security administration to keep a tab of possible issues. A team of experts are employed by the managed web hosting provider that ensures uninterrupted servers. Server monitoring is almost impossible to manage within a small to medium business budget. 
  5. Reduced costs of operation Server hosting is expensive for the organisation as it requires dedicated resources like time and space. It is nigh impossible to manage server hosting for a small to medium business, which is why getting a fully managed web hosting service on board is a brilliant option. You gain access to the infrastructure and expertise, along with many other features such as network and storage support.
  6. Storage management As the company grows, so will its storage requirements. Insect they will keep changing as time goes on. You need technical skill to correctly anticipate the amount of space you will require in the future and make provisions for it. Storage management basically means you outsource the storage needs of your company to a managed web service provider. It also helps in tempering the cost.


Companies, especially startups and small to medium businesses need to look into all the benefits of fully managed web hosting service providers. The features and time that you save with outsourcing more than outweigh the expense that you procure by hiring a managed web service. You can get in touch with the experts in your given industry that can advise you on the best managed web hosting services you can opt for. You need to put some thought into making this decision. 

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