5 Web Hosting Myths You Should Never Fall For

June 11, 2020 / Web Hosting

web hosting myths

The first time web hosting users are fascinated by web hosting offers and features. Today, the online world contains several web hosting providers and each one of them claims to be the best one! As a business owner, you should carefully evaluate all the web hosting options before making your final choice. Due to a large number of web hosting providers, the first time users apparently fall in the bait that web hosting provider might not fulfill all his promises. bodHOST recommends that you should have some basic understanding of web hosting related concepts before opting for a web hosting package.

Web Hosting Myths

The web hosting domain has grown significantly with the emergence of the Internet. Over time, there have been certain myths that have clouded web hosting. As an aware customer, you should never fall into the following web hosting myths-

Myth #1: All Web Hosting Providers Are Same

It is one of the biggest myths that is present in the web hosting industry, considering all the providers as same. A trusted web hosting provider plays a crucial role in the success of a website. Thus it is essential for you as a web hosting user to evaluate any web hosting provider based on following points and then only make your choice-

  • Reliability of Servers: You might have noticed that every web hosting provider does offer a lucrative uptime guarantee. Being a website owner, you must understand what implications a downtime can have on your business if your website is the sole source of income. Thus, it would be best if you went for a web hosting provider that guarantees maximum uptime.
  • Website Speed: Website loading and response time are two crucial factors to ensure that your customers have an excellent digital experience. If your website shows slow response time, then your customers will migrate onto another site. Also, slow websites have adverse effects even on search engine rankings. So, always select a hosting provider that will ensure that your website is hosted with enough resources for keeping your site fast and secure always.
  • Cost: You should always be vigilant and make sure that you are not overcharged with web hosting packages. Always have a cost-based comparison with other providers having a similar kind of web hosting packages.
  • Post-Sale Services: The after-sales service is the most crucial factor when considering a web hosting provider. A reputed web hosting provider ensures that you get constant support whenever needed, even after you have made the purchase. The web hosting provider also provides you’re well guided employing different channels like- knowledge base, blogs, etc.

Myth #2: You Need to Be a Web Hosting Expert

This statement might have made sense a couple of decades back when the websites were built, but considering today’s scenario, it’s not even to close to reality. The truth lies with the fact that most of the web hosting providers are now offering several benefits with easily usable and user-friendly interfaces like cPanel. With the tremendous growth of the Internet world, many website builders have also come up that can help you in creating an enterprise-class website in a matter of few clicks only. Tools such as- Joomla and WordPress have emerged as the most popular sites owing to their easy usage, free & extensive guides from professionals as well as users. It has really become easy for a person with less technical know-how to create a great customizable site with the help of pre-existing platforms on GUIs backed by several built-in features.

Myth #3: Server Specifications are not Important

This myth has affected various businesses because they’re under the impression that their needs will be managed by any server. However, you must have an in-depth understanding of the specifications and features of the server you are going to receive. Also, never undermine the importance of resources like disk space and bandwidth, as they ‘ll be playing a crucial role in determining what type of website you’re going to create.

Myth #4: Migration to VPS is Difficult

This myth has restricted various businesses from making their move to a more secure form of hosting, VPS Hosting. Performing migration to VPS Hosting, especially with a hosting provider like bodHOST, is not at all a difficult task. You need to have cooperation with your hosting provider and your migration will be done in a short period without incurring any roadblocks. Once the migration has been successfully carried out, your hosting provider will look after enhancing its performance and strengthening its security.

Myth 5: A Web Hosting with No Negative Reviews is Best

All the businesses that are looking for web hosting will have some unrealistic expectations with their hosting providers and it is not possible that such expectations will be addressed. Thus, there is a high probability of finding some negative reviews, even for certain reputed web hosting providers. You should not ignore the fact that every web hosting provider will have negative reviews. You should also analyze how these web hosting providers came up with the best possible solution to address the customer’s raised concern. If the hosting provider has addressed the concern well, then the hosting provider is not a bad one.


In today’s rapidly growing digital age, you’ll find massive information regarding selecting a web hosting. As an aware customer, you should never fall for such myths and make a move to a trusted web hosting provider. With an in-depth study, you will find that a great web hosting provider will always fit your business needs well.

If you’re a business owner and looking for a trusted web hosting provider, feel free to reach out to Team bodHOST for an unmatched web hosting experience.

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