4 Steps to Determine the Perfect Domain Name

November 1, 2019 / Domain


Having the right domain name can have a great impact on your business website. Besides defining your website, it helps in communicating all the important information for both- human visitors as well as search engine bots.

If you’re confused about how to select the right domain name, then, fortunately, there are some methods of determining an effective domain name. You can research strong keywords that you can infuse into your content or even use a blog name generator to get the idea of the same and the final decision rests with you, the user becomes an important criterion.

So, in this post, I’ll be sharing 4 simple steps that you can follow to determine the perfect domain name for your business website. Before we determine these steps, let’s see some of the following impacts that the right domain name could have-

  • A unique yet memorable domain name is likely to resonate more with your visitors, thus, encouraging them to return to your website more often
  • Your domain name helps you in building immediate new visitors and they get to know the nature of your site
  • Domain names have a direct impact on SEOs
  • If you alter or change your domain name once your site is created, then it could lead to complications that can be time-consuming

Step 1: Selecting the Keywords That Represent Your Site

When you use keywords for your domain name, it becomes a smart option considering the same reasons that keywords have when used in the site content. Using keywords also brings in SEO benefits by driving in more traffic, thereby, helping your website to high rank in the search engine results.

Also, the keywords can give your potential customers a better understanding of the focused target and niche of your website. You can opt for tools like- Google Keyword Planner for searching those terms that tend to have high search volumes and lower competition. Remember the bottom line- keywords act as a mirror for your website and content as a whole.

Step 2: Using a Domain Name Generator for Domain Names

After shortlisting your keywords, now it’s time to brainstorm ideas for selecting your domain name. You can select your domain name without using any special tools and it can be difficult as you might over-and-over go for the previously-taken domain names.

When you use a domain name, it helps you to simplify your processes like brainstorming and assuring that the domain names you select are not previously taken and are available for purchase. For generating domain names, all you have to do is, visit a website and fetch the keyword in the search box. Depending on the entered keyword, there are a lot of domain name suggestion variations from which you can choose.

Step 3: Selecting the Best Domain Name Using a Simple Criterion

Till now, you have shortlisted your keywords and done with the process of determining a domain name. The subjective of this process is determining the domain name that you like.

Following are some criteria that you can consider. To get the most optimized and best results, you can select a domain name that is-

  • Clear and Accurate: Usually longer and confusing names tend to be difficult to remember and there are chances of mistyping.
  • Creative and Memorable: Higher the uniqueness of your domain name is, the higher would be the memorability associated with it.
  • Easy Readability and Pronunciation: You should look to avoid numbers and special characters while selecting your domain name as they can be confusing when reading aloud. You should always go for domain names that can be easily read and pronounced.

Once, you have evaluated these criteria, time to consider your domain name’s Top-Level Domain or TLD. Based on an online survey report, the .com extension is the most widely used considering most of the users expect a .com extension and this extension is easy to remember. Remember, TLDs are widely used for applying to a specific region.

Step 4: Registering Your Domain Name

After selecting the right set of keywords along with a TLD, all you need to do buy a domain name. The process of buying your domain name depends on the web hosting provider that you have chosen. You can go for purchasing a domain name while signing up for a hosting plan. Additionally, you can even buy a domain name separately from a domain registrar or a hosting company.

Remember, you don’t need to get your hosting and domain name from the same provider. In case you’ve picked your domain name elsewhere, you can still connect it to your existing or new site. Be careful to look for the provider’s documentation and approach their support team for assistance when performing the transfer of domain names.

Selecting the right domain name for your website has a direct impact on your website as well as the branding of your business. Also, domain names have a direct influence on SEO as well. With the right domain name in place, you can easily target your audience and accelerate the search engine. Remember to choose the right set of keywords before going for your domain name.

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