Where is Apache’s Default Document Root Directory?

April 1, 2021 / Apache Web server

The default document root directory of Apache is discussed in this article.
If you’re searching for it, type the following command to locate Apache’s default doc root:

grep -i dir_docroot /etc/cpanel/ea4/paths.conf

You can find these files inside the directory:

├── 400.shtml
├── 401.shtml
├── 403.shtml
├── 404.shtml
├── 413.shtml
├── 500.shtml
├── cp_errordocument.shtml
└── index.html

Don’t forget that this directory contains the default document root for the server. It contains default pages that users can see and it is a reserved director, so here it cannot be used for setting up other content. If you are looking for the proper locations for user-specific content associated with the virtual host then you get this command:

grep -i homedir /etc/wwwacct.conf

When you create a new user or account in the cPanel a new subdirectory is automatically created inside this directory where all of the user’s content resides. As the webroot directory is given user and you can find it here:


All the web content for the account will reside from this location. This directory is also accessible from

cPanel > Files > File Manager > public_html

We sincerely hope you now have a reasonable understanding of Where is Apache’s Default Document Root Directory. If you continue to have issues with the procedure mentioned above, please contact bodHOSTteam for proactive support 24×7

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