Where can you find the MySQL Backups Storage Location?

March 25, 2022 / SQL

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to find your MySQL Backups storage location. MySQL backups have configured within the following steps:

  1. Log to your WHM
  2. Search for the Backup
  3. Click on the Backup Configuration

    Here, you will see the recent backups. First, you need to check where the backups store and what kind of MySQL backups have taken:

    grep ‘BACKUPDIR\|MYSQL’ /var/cPanel/backups/config

    cPanel stores the backups in backup-dir and they retained locally. As these backups are useful for users, it may be advisable to generate a more current backup of MySQL.

    MYSQLBACKUP can return any of the following:

    Accounts – All the databases under the cPanel account are back up into the accounts’ backup easily.

    Dir- The MySQL data directory backup only if the custom data in directories which taken into account.

    Both- Every cPanel account has its databases backed up which directly into their backup, and the MySQL data directory backed up separately.

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