What Details One Need to Provide for SSL Certificate?

June 27, 2015 / SSL

Once you place an order for your SSL Certificate, then in order to issue an SSL certificate for your domain. Then we require the following information to process the order and install the certificate on your domain.

- Domain Name for which SSL needs to be issued:
(for an example: https://www.yourdomain.com OR https://yourdomain.com).

- Country (2 letter abbreviation):

- Address (postal address):

- State:

- City:

- Zip/Postal Code:

- Company Name:

- Business Directory ID:

- Company Division:

- Email:

- Password:

You also need to provide us access you your email account (temporary access), i.e. ‘[email protected]’. (replace webmaster with your actual ID and yourdomain.com with the actual domain on which the SSL certificate is to set up). And provide us with the password so that we can complete the installation process.

We need access to your email account just because of the system. Only allows us to choose the email address as \’[email protected]’\ and the order confirmation email will sent to this email address only. Without accessing the confirmation email for the order, we cannot issue the SSL certificate.

Note: The SSL Certificate is hostname based. So if you issue an SSL Certificate for your domain name without the prefix “www”, i.e. https://yourdomain.com. Then it will give a warning message if you access it with the prefix www, i.e. https://www.yourdomain.com, and vice versa.