VPS : Multiple Domain Hosting

May 30, 2008 / vps hosting

There are multiple reasons why someone would want to have multiple domain hosting. For example, if you are running more than one affiliate websites, you will require a different domain name for every single one. or, someone who has many blogs on different topics may also want more than one domain names. If you have a need for multiple domain hosting, you will want to be careful when choosing a Web host to purchase from.

Many companies make it difficult or impossible to have multiple domain hosting with one Web hosting account and may require you to purchase separate Web hosting space for each domain name. The problem with this is that you may receive 5GB worth of space per account and only use 1GB. This means that, with five separate domain names, you will be paying five times as much as you would be without this rule.
With bodHOST you will not face such problems.You can host multiple domains on one single VPS or Dedicated server.