TikiWiki CMS/Groupware

February 8, 2011 / Content Management Systems

Tikiwiki is a content management system, which allows you to create wiki-based websites. This application is generally known as Tiki or TikiWiki and is free to use as it is an open-source CMS system written in PHP and distributed under LGPL (Lesser General Public License). Tiki has a number of collaborative features allowing it to operate as a Groupware web application. In other words, it makes the simple job to enable websites and portals on Internet, Intranets, and on Extranet.

You will find all the necessary and usual features inside Tiki such as the ability to register and maintain single user accounts within a flexible and rich permission and privilege system, which helps to create and cope up menus, RSS-Feeds, Page Layout customization, Logging performance, and system administration. You can carry through all the administration tasks by using the simple web-based user interface.

There are too many core features included in TikiWiki. It’s not like other CMS systems, which are sworn on third-party extensions. To make all the operations simple, Tiki provides a bunch of features in one model that contains almost all features in the primary code base. The main intent behind the concept of all-in-one design is to make sure that upgrades are easier because everything is released all together so there is no worry that upgrading to one feature will break another one.

Reusable content in different areas is one more advantage of this system. This would be possible because of tightly integrated features. It means you can use Wiki Plug-ins in forum threads, blog posts, and so forth.

In Tiki, you will find the four important categories, which are the major components of this system.

  1. Content creation and management tools.
  2. Content administration tools.
  3. Communication tools.
  4. Configuration and administration tools.

Like a few other CMS systems, Tiki also supports many languages. However, the default interface language of TikiWiki is English. In addition, any language. That encoded and displayed by using the utf-8 encoding supported by Tiki.

In TikiWiki, there are hundreds of features available. A few of them are as Follows.

  • Wiki Based sites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Articles
  • Image Gallery
  • Map Servers like Google Maps
  • Link Directory
  • RSS-Feeds’
  • WYSIWYG Editing
  • Calendar and Events
  • User and Group Management
  • Polls, Quizzes, and Surveys

Recommendation for Set-UP

According to the official site, TikiWiki is developed to run smoothly on a shared web hosting environment by using the LAMP stack.

List of Basic Requirements for shared hosting

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • 100 MB free storage
  • Optional Software or Libraries

TikiWiki required MySQL 5 database that installed in a similar physical location of the web server. TikiWiki accesses a remote database.

  • TikiWiki 3: PHP 5 with the MySQLi extension
  • TikiWiki 4: PHP 5 with the PDO extension or ADOdb
  • TikiWiki 5: PHP 5.2.1 (To access features in Zend libraries) with the PDO extension
  • TikiWiki 7: PHP 5.2.1

Managing TikiWiki made effortless with the admin control panel, which allows seamless utilization of applications like Fantastico.