Web Hosting

Terms relating to web hosting (Series G,H,I)


A connection between two or more networks. The connection may be between physical networks, logical networks, or network services.


This term is often referred to a server. The host computer is usually a processing/storage or distribution point.


Hyper text Protocol. This protocol is used to communicate with web servers and open up a communication link between them so data such as WebPages and computer files can be retrieved.


Internet Access Provider. Similar to an ISP but rarely do they provide additional services like leased lines and web hosting.

Internet Backbone

The group of major Internet communication links. ISPs are organisations that connect to the backbone to become part of and have access to the Internet.


A network or infrastructure used primarily for internal communication, usually using web technology.

IP Address

A unique number assigned to a computer on a network.


Integrated Services Digital Network. A standard used for sending voice, video and files over the Internet either by digital telephone lines or normal copper wires. It can provide speeds up to 64kbps over one channel.


Internet Service Provider. It is often a company that provides Internet access to users and businesses.