Steps To Set Auto Responders Through Plesk

June 9, 2011 / Control Panels

1. You have to log in to Plesk.
2. Select the “Mail” option.
3. Locate the existing FOP account in which you would like to make autoresponders.

4. Select “ Autoresponders” >> “Add New Autoresponders” option.
5. Give the Autoresponder a name. This can be anything you like- it is for your reference only.
6. You can have an autoresponse when defined text is included in the subject line or body of the request coming in, or you can choose to have the autoresponder always respond, regardless of the contained text.

7. You have to specify what is displayed in the subject line of the autoresponse.
8. Add a reply- to the address. This is where replies by the visitor will be directed. Otherwise, the reply will go to the autoresponder address and loop, although the plesk automatically limits the number of loops.

9. Enter the message you wish to send in the autoresponse.
10. You can specify the frequency at which the autoresponder responds to the same unique address, after receiving multiple emails from it.

11. You can define the number of unique addresses that the autoresponder will remember. This memory enables the system to implement the answer- frequency and respond- once functionality.
12. Enter an email address to which the incoming requests are forwarded.
13. Select the “OK” option, which is located on the right bottom.

14. As you can see, you have successfully created an autoresponder.