Steps To Manage Crontab In Plesk

June 14, 2011 / Control Panels

With the Crontab Manager, you can automatically run scheduled tasks on the server, and if selected, receive an automatic email showing the results. So, if you manage crontab in Plesk then you have to follow the following steps.

1. At first you have to log in to your Plesk admin area.
2. Click on the “Scheduler” option.
3. Select the name of the user for whom you wish to manage crontab.
4. You may choose to have crontab messages sent to you by email. If you wish to change the email address then click on the “Set” option to make the modification effectively. The “Set ” option is present at the right bottom of the page.
5. If there is no cronjob task set for this user like the following page then you can create one now.
6. Select “Add New Task”.
7. Enter a description of the new cron job.
8. Specify who will receive the scheduler notification.
9. Enter the path of the executable file.
10. On the next page you have to set the task priority.
11. Enter the specific parameters to set the frequency of the task.
12. Select the “OK” option.
13. As you can see in the above image, the task has been successfully set up.
14. If can create another new cron job with the “Add New Task” option again.