Reasons Why You Should Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

August 26, 2015 / General Discussion

If you run a website or online business, you will want to ensure that your website visitors are able to load your website, as quickly as possible. There are many individuals that will attempt to achieve a much quicker load time, by removing elements from their pages.

Although this can work, there are alternative methods to consider. Utilizing a CDN, or a Content Delivery Network, will allow you to speed up your website, without deleting important assets. Below, you will learn about a CDN and the benefits of this type of service.

About A CDN

 In simple terms, a CDN is a bunch of servers, which have linked together. These servers store various data and information, including HTML, videos, images, JavaScript files, and audio files. If you use a CDN, visitors that visit your website will not load all of this information from your server. Instead, they’ll receive the information from the CDN, which can speed up the content’s delivery. This is the case because the CDN stores your site’s information in the cache. From there, it can deliver the information, while reducing the distance from the server to the end user.

Reason to Use A CDN


 As mentioned above, utilizing a CDN is capable of speeding up your website dramatically. This is definitely the most obvious and common reason to use this type of service. Extremely important if your website is hosted on a shared server.

With a shared server, your website will load much slower, since other websites also utilize the server’s resources. The CDN can reduce some of the stress on the server and allow end-users to load your website much more quicker.

Better Analytics

 When utilizing a CDN, you will be able to maintain more control over your website and its content. With the use of this type of service, you will be able to analyze more information, which might not typically be available.

For instance, you will be able to explore the usage per visitor, as well as views per real-time load. This can help you figure out exactly what elements of your site are most popular and precisely where your visits originate. Suffice it to say, this information extremely helpful for ensuring that your specific site’s users are catered to perfectly.

Lowering Delivery Costs

 It known that the CDN capable of lowering delivery costs for your data. This is the case because the CDN is capable of closing the distance from your delivery source to your end-users. This helps to decrease the amount of interconnects, as well as public peers.

Not only will this help to lower delivery costs, but also it’ll ensure that your server’s capacity is freed up significantly. Therefore, this will help you, as well as your site’s visitors.

Decreases Server Interruptions

 Many websites that see a huge spike in traffic faced with slowdowns or interruptions in service. This can become so frustrating for the visitor that they will not return to your website, which would be devastating for the success of your website. In order to prevent lags and slowdowns, the CDN technology should be embedded into the server’s applications.

Not only can this high-tech delivery system prevent these interruptions, but it can also speed up connections, which will boost page load speeds drastically.

Security Solutions

 Security is always going to be a huge issue for everyone that uses the Internet to conduct business since hackers and malware viruses are running rampant on the World Wide Web. In order to combat these issues, a high-security solution set in place.

All servers responsible for the safety and security of their clients, but it is crucial that the clients understand that the server is not always targeted directly. Hackers are very intelligent and diligent, so they will work tirelessly to find flaws that can help them gain access to your precious website content and personal data.

Hackers stopped in their tracks, by routing specific traffic through the CDN network. This will prevent hackers and malicious bots from reaching the hosting server. Before selecting a hosting service provider, you need to make sure that the CDN enabled on their servers.