How to View PHP Settings Using the phpinfo() Function

January 16, 2024 / General Discussion

This article offers instructions on efficiently utilizing the phpinfo() function to access complete details about PHP configurations and other related information. This becomes essential when verifying PHP settings in the course of web development.  

Let us follow the steps- 

  1. Generate a file that comprises the following code-
    <?php     phpinfo(); 


  2. Save the file with a name like info.php. 
  3. Transfer the file to your public_html directory.
  4. Open your browser and navigate to, replacing “” with your website’s domain name. The page will present extensive details about the PHP installation.

Important notification- As a security precaution, it is advisable to deactivate any requests of the phpinfo() function once the development and testing phases of your website are concluded. 

In this manner, you can view PHP settings using the phpinfo() function. Hope you grasped this article well. However, if you still have any difficulty, get in touch with our support staff.  

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