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How to resolve module error in R1 Soft Backup?

Here are the steps to resolve module error

a) run this command: serverbackup-setup –get-module >> to check module build successfully or not.
If both headers and devels available then restart the cdp-agent on the server.

If there is output as shown below then we need to build the module manually to do this follow below steps:

#serverbackup-setup –get-module
Building header archive.
Failed to get a suitable module for this system: Failed to connect to remote server.
get module failed.
Failing back to old get-module ..

To resolve this find rpm packages for the headers and devels of the installed kernel.

Follow below steps to install headers and devels for the installed kernel on server:

1) use url >> http://rpm.pbone.net/index.php3/ >> to find the kernel headers and devels
After finding rpm packages for the headers and devels then install it on the client-server by using below steps:
a) copy the link address of devels and headers from above URL and use the command: wget (paste the copied link address) and then use rpm -ivh ***.rpm to installed headers and devels.

After this restart, the cdp-agent and run lsmod || grep hcp command to check module build or not.
If still no success then reboot the server to resolve this issue.


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