How to Resolve Module Error in R1 Soft Backup?

March 22, 2020 / R1Soft Backups

Here are the steps to resolve the module error

a) run this command: serverbackup-setup –get-module >> to check module build successfully or not.
If both headers and devels are available then restart the CDP-agent on the server.

If there is output as shown below then we need to build the module manually to do this follow the below steps:

#serverbackup-setup –get-module
Building header archive.
Failed to get a suitable module for this system: Failed to connect to a remote server.
get module failed.
Failing back to old get-module.

To resolve this find rpm packages for the headers and devels of the installed kernel.

Follow the below steps to install headers and devels for the installed kernel on the server:

1) use url >> >> to find the kernel headers and devels
After finding rpm packages for the headers and devels then install them on the client-server by using the below steps:
a) copy the link address of devels and headers from the above URL and use the command: wget (paste the copied link address) and then use rpm -ivh ***.rpm to install headers and devels.

After this restart, the CDP-agent and run lsmod || grep hcp command to check the module is built or not.
If still no success then reboot the server to resolve this issue.

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