How to Manage FTP Account via cPanel?

April 7, 2011 / FAQs

1. Log in to cPanel >> Choose FTP Accounts

FTP accounts allow you to access your website’s files through a protocol called FTP. You will need a third-party FTP program to access your files. You can log in via FTP by entering Add FTP Account.

2. Enter Log In Name >> Password (You can also use Password Generator for more convenience )

3. Directory: /home/domain name/ >> /home/domain/public_html/admin

4. Quota >> You can set a specific MB Quota or Choose Unlimited.

5. Click on Create FTP Account Button.

6. Now you will see FTP account details.

7. If you want change Path address >> Click on PATH option >> Now Click on Path Address

8. To change account password >> Click on Change Password Option.

9. To Change Quota >> Click on Change Quota Option.

10. To Delete account >> Simply Click on Delete Option >> There are two options where you can only delete the account or Delete the account and delete all files under that account.

This is the end of this tutorial. In addition, you do not even need to remember your FTP password. Just log into your cPanel and change it. And be careful if you are deleting an FTP account. Might also delete your files.