How Can You Change a Domain Controller’s (DC) IP Address?

July 21, 2020 / Tutorial

The IP Address for a domain controller is statically assigned to a server. It might even be distributed via a DHCP with the help of a lease reservation to avoid any changes. Thus, it is necessary to change the IP address of a domain controller if you want to change the network address of the information system.

Changing the IP Address

We initiate the process by changing the IP address; prior to this, we need to find whether the domain controller is in perfect health using the dcdiag command. Open your Command prompt as an Admin and run the following code-

| Dcdiag / s: <your DC name here>

Saving New IP Address

A domain name is dependent on the usage of a DNS server for name resolution, allowing the clients to use the records from the server to contact the domain controller. Thus, it becomes important to update the DNS records for the corresponding DC. On the DC, you need to clear the local DNS cache and initiate the process of registration in the DNS-

| Ipconfig / flushdns & ipconfig / registerdns

Lastly, a correction command needs to executed using the dcdiag for correcting the Service Principle Name Records. This is equivalent to some form of an alias in the “Kerberos” world like CNAME used for making a replica of a DNS record.

| Dcdiag / fix

Lastly, check that all the previously performed tasks marked OK and also perform the name resolution using nslookup.

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