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How to Generate a CSR and Install an SSL in Plesk 12?


Let’s learn to generate a Certificate Signing Request and Install a standard SSL certificate or a Windows server running Plesk.

Generate a Certificate Signing Request in Plesk.

  • Sign in to Plesk Panel.
  • Go to Websites & Domains tab and select the domain you want to secure.
  • Now click on Secure Your Sites.
  • Click on Add SSL Certificate
  • Move to the next page and enter the Certificate Name for easy recognition of the certificate among the others on the server and provide the required information for the CSR code –
  1. State or province: Enter the name for your state or region. If not applicable, you can enter your city instead.
  2. Location (city): Enter the name for your city or locality.
  3. Organization name (company): Enter the legally-registered name for your business.
  4. Organization department or division name: Enter the name of division or department within the organization indicated above.
  5. Domain name: Provide the fully qualified domain name for which the SSL will be activated (common name). The common name for Wildcard certificates should be represented with an asterisk in front of the domain (*
  6. E-mail: Provide your email address. The email used for CSR generation will not be used for domain control validation or for reception of the issued certificate.
  • Click on the Request
  • Addition of new record will be done to the list of SSL Certificates. In order to view the CSR code and Private Key that were created click on the newly created certificate.
  • You will find the CSR code at the bottom of the next page. Please include —–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–while submitting the CSR code for SSL activation.

SSL certificate is generated from global service or SSL provider and once certificate is received follow below process –

Steps to Install Certificate in Plesk 12 –
Once you issue the certificate follow the below steps –

    • Sign in to Plesk Panel.
    • Go to Websites and Domains tab and select the domain you want to secure.
    • Now click on Secure Your Sites.
    • Select the SSL certificate created while generating the CSR code. You can search it with the domain name.
    • Go to the next page and find the Upload Certificate Files section and click on the Browse Locate the certificate and the CA bundle files from your machine. Remember the certificate file should have a .crt extension, the Bundle one can be .crt or .ca-bundle.
    • Select both the files and click on Send


  • Copy and paste the certificate along with the CA bundle into the respected boxes, under Upload the Certificate as text and click on Send Text.
  • Return to the Websites & Domains tab and click on Hosting settings next to the domain in question.
  • Head to the next page to locate the Security section and select the certificate from the drop-down list and remember to tick the SSL Support
  • Click OK at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

You site should now be accessible via https:// after this.