eNlight Cloud Service Details

April 1, 2014 / Cloud Server Hosting
eNlight Cloud Service


What happens if my resource usage begins to exceed the original specifications of my eNlight VM?

If your VMs are put under a load that begins to impede on the performance of the virtual server as your resources begin to run low, additional resources from the Cloud automatically assigned in order to scale your VM.  In the case of this occurring, you will billed for the additional resources required, but your VM will be automatically scaled back to its original resources once the load placed on reduced.  You able to set maximum scaling limits to limit your costs.

Am I able to run third-party applications in the eNlight environment?

Yes, you are able to run any third-party applications of your choice on your Windows or Linux virtual machines.  Please note that it is your responsibility to purchase additional software licenses where necessary. Also, we would not be responsible to troubleshoot any issue that occurs with your third-party applications.

Can I customize the resource allocations of VMs?

You are welcome to customize the resources allocated to your VMs to any extent that you want!  Rather than providing a set range of eNlight packages, we let you pick and choose the precise amounts of the various resources that you require.  As well as ensuring that no resources ever go to waste, you will have more control over your hosting budget.

What level of support is offered with eNlight servers?

bodHOST offers full support for our eNlight hosting customers.  You can contact our 24×7 support team whenever necessary. They will be able to solve any issues or answer any questions that you may have regarding the eNlight Cloud.

Under what circumstances may bodHOST ban or remove a server from the cloud?

If a VM found performing illegal activities or its usage in violation of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Terms of Service (TOS) then the account will terminated.

What happens if the hardware fails?

In the event that an item of hardware on the node fails. We will aim to bring your VM back online as soon as possible.  High Availability built into the eNlight Cloud. But if your server fails to come online, then you can always start it from the control panel.  Further to that, in the event of complete note failure, your VM should boot from another server within 10 minutes.

How come the charges for disk space are fixed, whilst the charges for other resources are based on usage?

Disk space one resource of an eNlight VM that isn’t automatically scaled.  Although you can purchase additional disk space as required, you will have to do this manually.  The other resources of eNlight VMs automatically scaled. When they begin to run low as to not impede on the performance of the VM.

If a VM requires additional resources, how long will it take for the necessary additional resources to be provisioned?

eNlight is an intelligent platform that will automatically assign additional resources. When it detects that there is a need to do so.  We estimate that it will take no more than 1 minute to allocate extra resources to a VM that is in need of scaling.

Can eNlight Cloud experience downtime?

Like all forms of web hosting, the eNlight Cloud can also experience downtime because of software or hardware failure or because of events that are beyond our control.  However, eNlight has designed to deliver 99.95% uptime. So downtime should never have to be something for you to worry about.