Domain pointing to external MX on Plesk

January 24, 2015 / Domain Name

If you are using an external MX record and also using a Linux environment for your Plesk server, then you need to tweak the settings in the Plesk panel. To change the settings follow the below guidelines:

1 – You need to update the DNS for your domain name.
a) Change or Add MX record to establish external email server with significant priorities.
b) Remove the “CNAME” for if not to be used for configuration 
c) Or Edit “CNAME” for your domain that will point to external email server (generally provided by the email service provider).
d) Or Add “A” record for to point to external email server.

It will take some time to propagate the changes made in the DNS.

2 – Once the DNS is formed to use for external email server, it is essential
to de-activate the Mail service for the domain form the Plesk.
- Login as Admin to your Plesk panel
- In Domains > search your desired domain and go into that Domain
- Click on “Mail” (it has drop down options)
- Click on “Mail Settings” or other option is “Create Mailing List”
- Under Mail Preference you need to “uncheck” the option of “Activate mail service on domain”
- Click “OK” button to save the settings

The above settings must eliminate the entry for the domain from the below two “qmail” server configuration files.

>> /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts
>> /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains

After the exclusion of the above two entries, your Plesk server will search for the external email server for the domain by fetching MX records from its DNS.