Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server and its origin in web presence

Dedicated Servers were originally sold at very high prices due to the hardware cost and setup of huge data center which had servers that were the size of a mid-size fridge. However, with time and technology, they turned over time and they were much more easily affordable by price. A combination of good hardware, network connections, and processors. Many more combine to result in the dedicated server that was always dreamed of. Their sleek size and fit-to-space advantage took over all the other aspects. Newer technology such as Dual Cores, AMD X2’s. Then Quad Cores and Dual Quad cores were introduced for responsive and dynamic performance. Many Brands also provide high-end corporate servers which range up to 2TB of RAM or above. Their processors designed to provide optimal performance.

Every Aspect of a dedicated server should be understood before it has been bought. Setup of Load-balancing servers was brought in soon after the requirements demanded much more than what a dedicated server provides. Client’s required to run their services on parallel nodes. There have been many changes that we brought in within the infrastructure of a server.

Today, its reliability and individuality are known and remain unmatched by any other hosting package. Bodhost has been providing quality dedicated servers and Virtual private servers which are fully managed and monitored 24×7 round the clock by a specially dedicated team of experts. Not only this, all servers are set up on branded Dell or SuperMicro Hardware Chassis to ensure the hardware is robust.