cPanel Tutorials : How to Configure Add-on Domain

November 14, 2007 / Control Panels

In cPanel Addon Domain is a feature which provides you to add extra domain name to your hosting account and each domain has its own separate website. (for example: &, etc) as your visitors can access each add-on domain separately and each add-on domain will appear as a completely different website.

To add an Addon Domain follow these steps:-

  1. First log-in to your cPanel.
  2. Click on Addon Domains icon and enter the following info:
    New Domain Name: the addon domain which you like to add to your account (example:
    Username/directory/subdomain Name: the name of the subfolder of your account to upload the files of that addon domain (example: bodhost)
    Password: any password (NOT your main account password). This password will used to access the special FTP account of that addon domain

Note: Once the domain added, you should able to see a folder with the name of your domain. (e.g. if your domain is your folder name is going to be bodhost – unless you change your folder name).