About SMF – Unveiling SMF: Forum Platform Insights

February 15, 2011 / Web Hosting

What is SMF?
SMF stands for Simple Machines Forum. SMF is an open-source software package, which permits users to set up their online community within a few moments. It’s easy to use and customize.
You can completely control and customize your message board with its template engine. The SSI (Server Side Includes) allows you to create a forum that can interact with your website pages.
The PHP language and MySQL database are utilized for SMF. SMF is very helpful for you because It offers you all those features that you require from a bulletin board while having a proper minimum impact on the resources of the server.

General features of SMF :

  • Utilize PHP and MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite.
  • New and user-friendly developed template system for custom edits.
  • Modern permission and user management.
  • Supports various languages at once.
  • Open and well-documented source code.
  • Tracking of fresh and previous unread topics, not just from your last visit.
  • Designed for optimal performance and scalability.
  • Better SEO for search engines.
  • Log where search engines crawl your forum.
  • Multi-media output. (XHTML, XML, RSS, WAP)
  • Various types of language support from a large community.
  • Package manager that mechanically installs or uninstalls mods (also known as hacks.)
  • Capability to install mods to custom themes within a few mouse clicks.
  • File-based caching for performance develop on all forums regardless of whether an accelerator is installed.

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