What is Enterprise Cloud and Its Benefits to Enterprises?

July 3, 2013 / Cloud Computing Cloud Hosting

I know that when I ask the question “What is Enterprise Cloud” some people might scoff. A fact that, all the cloud infrastructures and cloud service providers vary in various things and not all the methods can offer the same value as expected by the IT industry. Within the cloud arena, most of the people are aware of only three clouds – Public, Private and Hybrid which are well established. However, a new model known as “Enterprise Cloud” has taken place in the cloud arena.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting is much similar to the Private and Public clouds and offers the same advantages in terms of greater flexibility, instant provisioning of computing power as well as a virtualized and fully scalable environment. The same “private access” is provided by an Enterprise Cloud as you would get in a private cloud. These enterprise clouds are either controlled by an organization or a group of businesses. Similar to other deployment models of cloud, the services in the Enterprise cloud are delivered over the Internet, thus eliminating the need to buy hardware. The commercial grade components usually offer the usability, more features and greater uptime required by an organization.

Enterprise cloud not only benefits organizations in terms of cost savings, but also enables a an array of security options to opt and an unmatched speed-to-market with an enormously improved partnership between business partners and clients. The ability to allow enterprises to innovate is one of the main reasons why more and more enterprises are traction by Enterprise Cloud. It is an ideal solution for enterprises who wants to make their IT a better, cheaper, faster and agile. Governmental agencies and corporations that are unwilling to outsource their information services, the enterprise cloud will likely a solution of their choice.

For example, organizations that wish to reduce the risk and costs of testing new services and application options, the enterprise cloud is a perfect solution for them. Since there is no upfront capital expenditure (CAPEX), it is more easy to scale up projects instantly and also be shut down if they fail to provide corporations a new sandbox in which offerings can be tested. It also enables organizations to build secure workspaces so that the partners and clients can collaborate to gain economical benefit across the value chain.

bodHOST’s enterprise cloud service is based on the VMware technology, the leader in virtual server technology with a difference of multi-layer security as well as various options to manage security capabilities. bodHOST has built its cloud solutions using the globally trusted suppliers such as Dell, HP, Cisco and VMware. The multi-layer security includes of the following:

  • There is an isolation layer at the core which covers your entire cloud deployment.
  • All of the applications and data in the Enterprise Cloud are deployed with end-to-end encryption, as well as from inside your firewall and across the Internet. The encryption keys are completely under the customers control and are delivered in the cloud inside the cover when required.
  • Around this core, another layer of physical security is added by the data centers, and our experienced certified security experts are solely responsible to manage all the tools, services and instrumentation that are required.

For organizations with complex IT requirements, bodHOST offers a wide range of solutions – including Managed Dedicated Servers, Server Mirroring, Network Load Balancing, etc.… All of our solutions are supported by a robust infrastructure SLAs. For more information about the services we offer, kindly visit our official website: www.bodhost.com .

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