Before Hiring a Web Hosting Company

With a seemingly endless choice of hosting service providers in the market and varied price ranges, it is a herculean task to compare service providers and choose the best one for your website needs. Here is some crucial Web hosting knowledge to ask a Web hosting company before hiring them.

Before Hiring a Web Hosting Company

  • Storage capacity the Web Hosting Company Offers

Get the accurate picture of storage capacity. Few GB of storage is great for Small and medium size sites. Some companies may offer unlimited volume after applying certain conditions.  Get a plan that best suits your Website needs. read more

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International Women’s Day: It’s time for Women Entrepreneurship

Wishing a happy women’s day to all the strong and special creation of God! It is truly obligatory to felicitate women entrepreneurs who have endured a hard life, have risen from ashes and made an impact on society. She is no less than an actor who performs different roles throughout her life with devotion and without any expectation.

International Women’s Day

It is that day of the year when we all stop to celebrate the essence of life itself. We stop to celebrate Women’s day to thank them, for their sacrifice, their love, their understanding and comforting. Mostly, we all celebrate International Women’s Day for just celebrating the presence of women in this world. On this women’s day let’s appreciate and salute women entrepreneurs driven by her dreams and determination. Ones who have set a benchmark of excellence in every sector and have dedicated themselves to achieving excellence and delivering unexpected output. She believes that education is the true tool of freedom. This International Women’s Day, she urges women to look outside their homes and dare. read more

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The Colocation and Cloud Connection


Cloud services have been considered a game changer since their inception. Incorporating cloud computing into your business or personal life has made sharing with friends and family easier. Accordingly, colocation services have also gained popularity. Many companies are overhauling their IT department due to outdated infrastructure and to take advantage of colocation and cloud computing.
Colocation services, following the boom of cloud technology, should continue to grow as well. Let’s see how colocation and cloud compare. read more

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The Environmental Magic of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has garnered great deal of attention over the past few years. It has amassed unstoppable momentum, and it’s all set to enter mainstream in the coming years. All thanks to the varied benefits linked with cloud computing. From flexibility, automatic software updates, increased collaboration, better security and the ability to do more with less have all contributed to drastic IT cost reduction in an organization. Moreover, companies have also been able to improve their ‘green’ credentials by embracing cloud computing. So, let’s take a look at the environmental impact of cloud computing. read more

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Shape Advocacy with Top 5 Cloud Telephony Trends in 2017

Few years back, the call centers appeared to be rows of phone lines connected to a PBX (private branch exchange) which routed the calls via fixed external lines. When cloud-based communication flooded the IT sector, it delivered some highly vital solutions to the call center industry. Therefore, the call centers quickly adapted to cloud telephony.

Owning and maintaining a PBX was expensive prior to cloud’s introduction.  After cloud calling service was launched, it reduced the expenses of the PBX with a few additional perks.  In the past, there were limited called lines but cloud telephony offers voice broadcast and response automation and also, the agents don’t need to be available physically in the center. Enterprises were quick to choose cloud telephony when it was new for marketing outreach and later it was adopted by advocacy groups. Today it is slowly probing campaigns globally with analytics-based solutions reached through data mining. read more

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