High Availability with VMware Cloud Hosting

January 6, 2012 / Cloud Hosting

How to secure your infrastructure against failures from different sources?

Well the solution is VMware HA for your Cloud Hosting infrastructure, which provides a mechanism for the organized and economical displacement to your virtualized IT environment.

  • Application security with no other failover option and guaranteed default high availability for software / applications that might otherwise not be secured.
  • On the occasions of any kind of failure detection, security application associated with operating system has the ability to reboot virtual machines automatically.
  • Establishing a first line of defense systematically for all of your IT infrastructure.
  • Additional fault tolerance option for extra security to prevent any possible downtime in case of hardware failures.

Automatically Restart Your Virtual Machines

  • VMware HA is a product with a lot of features that endlessly monitors all physical servers in a resource pool and restarts virtual machines struck by server failure.
  • Monitoring and detection of virtual machines for failures “guest OS” and auto start virtual machines at intervals specified by the user.
  • Automatic detection of server failure, via a “heartbeat” on servers.
  • Reboots virtual machines almost immediately without human interference on a different physical server from the same resource pool.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring and selection of the best physical servers from a resource pool on which to reboot virtual machines (when used with VMware DRS).

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