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7 Amazing Features of bodHOST’s Shared Hosting

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Shared hosting services come in all shapes and sizes, so do shared hosting providers. bodHOST offers the best-shared hosting services that only become better with time. Your website will receive the best shared hosting service if you buy our bodHOST shared hosting plan that includes some of the best features in the industry. 1. Cutting […]

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How to Make Your Website More Eco-Friendly

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Website More Eco-Friendly

Websites that are eco friendly are highly appealing to your users along with being entirely possible to implement. It might not be obvious to the general public the environmental toll that websites take. There are several businesses that are taking accountability and making changes that make their business more environmentally friendly, which is an aspect […]

Web Security

DDoS Protection For The Gaming Community

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DDoS Protection for gaming

There have been innumerable attacks launched on the gaming community. For years distributed-denial-of-services, also known as DDoS have been a cause of concern for security experts. The problem seemed to have been brought under control in recent times, but the types of attacks evolved. An increasing number of machines that had been compromised fell into […]

Cloud Computing

7 Ways Cloud Computing Has Helped The Education System

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Cloud Computing

The past decade has witnessed a huge technological leap in cloud computing resulting in advanced shifts for students and teachers alike in the educational sector. Teachers in this age cannot focus on every student by predicting their future based on their aptitudes. However, introducing advanced technology in a classroom setting will prove beneficial for teachers […]


What is the Role of Caching In Web Hosting

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What is the role of caching in web hosting

We exist in an extremely fast-paced technologically dominated era with evolving features that have new names and terms. So if you are unfamiliar with certain terms you are not alone. We have this article to help you understand what cache is and how it holds an important place in managed web hosting.  Don’t have any […]