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3 Rules of Thumb to Follow This World Password Day

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All the digital and cybersecurity domain experts, it’s time to mark your calendars once again. World Password Day 2020 is about to arrive. This year, 07th May 2020, marks the World Password Day. World Password Day is seen as a celebration for promoting the best password habits and spreading awareness about the need for robust password security.

Passwords are the first line of defence that allows online users to have secured access to online shopping, social media, banking, and all digital stuff.

Brief History of World Password Day

The origin of World Password Day can be traced back to the year 2005 when a security researcher named Mark Burnett motivated people to celebrate a “password day” wherein passwords where added in his book, titled- Perfect Passwords. Driven by his idea, Intel Security decided to declare the first Thursday in May to be celebrated as- World Password Day.

Password Security- What is it?

The term Password Security is used for defining the security measures taken by the users of the system for preventing any third-party to breach out and gain access to their passcodes. To ensure password security, the users must define and use unique passwords for each of their accounts and websites. Secure passwords can be long and a mix of letters, numbers and special symbols. The users must make sure that they’ve not scribbled out these passwords or stored in their systems. Having a 2FA (two-factor authentication) and regular changing of passwords helps in enhancing password security.

USA Internet Users Using the Same Password for Different Accounts



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Now that you have understood what password security is, it is essential to understand the below 3 golden rules to follow this World Password Day.

The 3 Rules of Thumb

Before you head out for World Password Day, remember to follow these 3 rules of Thumb for enhancing and strengthening your data security-

Rule 1: Using a Password Manager

bodHOST recommends you set up a strong and unique password for each of your accounts and also remember them. To avoid such chaos, you can even use a password manager, if you’re not using one. In a password manager, you can encapsulate all your passwords and secure them in a centralized database that is strongly encrypted. Password managers offer suggestions related to password strength that you can use for finding which of your passwords are weak. These password managers also provide a number of strong password suggestions/ideas for your online accounts.

Rule 2: Enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In today’s time, when the cyberattacks are on the rise, having a single level of authentication comprising of just username and passwords might not be just enough. You must ensure that you have turned on two-factor authentication or 2FA for all your crucial accounts such as banking. In case the hackers gain illegal access to your passwords using mal-practices, they still can’t access your accounts. To break-in to your crucial accounts, the hackers also need to have an added security element like- an OTP or an SMS for authentication purposes. In the cybersecurity domain, it is always advised by the domain experts to have an additional security level for securing your critical accounts.

Rule 3: Making Everyone About Online Security

Today, cyber attackers have spared no one. Anyone online and present on the Internet can become a potential target for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals deploy various tricks like- sending links of malicious websites on the emails or even baiting the users with phishing scam emails. You should make sure that you convey the importance of online web security to everyone and assist them in a secure online presence on the Internet. As a responsible netizen, you should make sure that even the less tech-savvy people get familiar with online security-related terminologies like- “phishing.”

Concluding Remarks

On a concluding note, you need to understand the importance of password security and the need for different passwords for your online accounts. As a leading web hosting and security provider, bodHOST recommends you follow the above-listed thumbs of rule for enhanced protection of your various online accounts.

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