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Q. What is a Web Hosting?
Ans. In simple word we can explain it like this. The storage, complete management, and execution of website on Internet.

Q. We know what is Shared Hosting, but the real question comes in mind who should use it?
Ans : To define specifically, we can say it is useful for all sized small businesses to moderate website that do not require large amount of server resources. With affordability and basic functionality, shared hosting is perfect for personal website or blog. Sometimes for e-shop website as well. Actually shared hosting is a normal system of platforms that used to support environments with low to medium amount of traffic volume. On the other hand those website whose core mission is to capitalize huge market (big commercial and e-commerce sites who requires to driven large database) need to opt VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting for more real time benefits.

Q. What are the advantages of Shared Hosting Environment?
Ans : Well the key element is cost saving. As multiple website shared on one physical server, the cost of maintenance is divided among several users, which allows web host to reduce cost of the plans considerably. The second important advantage is web host totally responsible for the management of all hosting accounts. Means technical support availability provides an extra layer of security to solve any issue occurs with server or particular hosting account on that server.

Q. What are the disadvantages of Shared Hosting Environment?
Ans : When we talk about the disadvantages, it needs to be said that a server resources are shared among multiple users, so if traffic to specific account goes up than usual, it will utilize more server resources available on the server so other website on that server will experiences slow performance. Additionally, in shared environment hacking activity, viruses, and any flood attacks directed at a specific website can affect on all the hosting accounts on a server. To avoid these kind of certain issues  the quality of support is a key factor, which practically innovate new technological ways to make total customer satisfaction.

Q. What are the types of shared hosting?
Ans : Many different forms of shared hosting is available, but most probably it is distinguish between Linux and Windows. The numbers of innovations offers high reliability with Linux and Windows Hosting. In addition, BODHost.com is well familiar with both platform and have a huge extensive experience regarding to integrate all popular applications.

Q. Suppose I am using a Windows Hosting, but on my PC I am using Linux, does it matter?
Ans : There is no matter, which OS you are using on your PC, because it is totally independent from your web hosting service. Web server uses its own OS so it doesn’t matter, which OS you and your visitors use. In addition, you can access your control panel from any web browser, including Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc……
Q. Do I need any special control panel software to mange my website activities?
Ans : If you choose Linux Hosting, then you will get cPanel control panel. And for Windows hosting you can choose DotNetPanel or Plesk to manage your website activities.

Q. Do you provide 24 hour customer support?
Ans : Yes, we provide round the clock customer support through phone, live chat, and email to help you with any problems or questions regarding to your hosting account.

Q. Do I have an access to my website at anytime to make changes?
Ans : Yes, you can access your website at anytime to make changes. You can use FTP or Control Panel to access your website files and folders. Any changes you make to your website will take effect immediately.

Q. Do you provide Microsoft Front-Page Extension with Windows Hosting?
Ans : Yes, we provide all the applied applications for Windows Hosting, including Microsoft Front-Page Extension. Microsoft Front Page offers lot of features such as WYSIWYG (HTML Editor) and includes a publish feature. Also it supports advanced features like hit counters and guest book.

Q. Regarding to database solution what options do I have?
Ans : You have several options here, but it is highly recommended to choose MS SQL for Windows Hosting and MySQL for Linux. If you want to use MySQL in Windows environment, then you need to consider VPS or dedicated hosting.

Q. How can I analyze, which hosting plan is suitable for my website?
Ans : Well you need to analyze certain factors and few questions need to ask yourself before going to take any decision. Like, what is your website for? Is your website is going to use lot graphics and images? Or your website is mostly based on text format? These circumstances all can determines the amount of disk space you require. And if you are going to integrate a shopping cart with your website, then some additional requirements that you need consider.

Q. Is there any simple way to check how much disk space do I need?
Ans : You can check how many pages are included in your website. Each page can be any sized and the number of pages in your site will give you a brief idea to find out how much web space you require. You should also consider the number of email accounts that you want. This is all about disk space requirements, but you need to ask yourself one more question, “how much bandwidths do I need?”. You need to check the size of the files that are viewed from your website, and the web traffic coming to your website. Usually web traffic to a new website is quite low at initial stage, so this might not be a concern issue for you. However, if you are planning or getting too much traffic through advertisements, or you have an extensive source or high resolution photographs on your site, then you need to choose a web hosting package with a higher bandwidth limit.
Q. What Hosting Contract Should I sign up?
Ans : Generally we suggest to all our customers to sign up an annual base hosting contract, which allows us to offer the best discounted prices. However, you can choose hosting contract according to your comfort level.