Why We Do Not Provide ‘Unlimited’ Hosting Plans

September 10, 2015 / Dedicated Server Hosting

‘Unlimited’ web hosting is impossible.

Many companies claim to offer just that, but this is a misrepresentation of what is actually available. Which tends to be very limited. We think that offering ‘unlimited’ hosting is dishonest, and prefer to offer excellent but limited hosting options.

To go into more detail: there are many web hosting providers that offer ‘Unlimited’ plans. Which claim to have no set limits on either bandwidth or storage space. Many customers incorrectly (but understandably) think.

That this will give them infinite resources to work with, hosting as many websites as they could ever need on a single low-cost plan. What they’ll find in the small print is that these services are being offered via a method called ‘overselling’.

Overselling is when a company sells more hosting resources than it actually possesses. Most websites only ever use a small percentage of their allocated space and bandwidth. So many web hosting providers capitalize on unused resources by selling more space and bandwidth than it is possible for their servers to provide. They’re gambling that most of their users will never use everything that they’ve paid for.

Furthermore, most ‘oversell’ web hosts write restrictions into their Terms of Service. Including low limits on the maximum data transfer rate or the number of files. Such restrictions tend to be far more limiting than those from a non-overselling provider.

Ultimately ‘unlimited’ plans are misleading, as it implies an infinite amount of storage and bandwidth – despite this being completely impossible. ‘Unlimited’ plans are also completely unsustainable. This is why many websites hosted on ‘unlimited’ plans notice slowdowns, server outages, and other issues.

We only offer hosting plans with limits, but the vast majority of users never actually reach those limits. If you’re lucky enough to approach your agreed-upon quota we will contact you and offer various options to extend your limits.

Our plans come with limits on bandwidth allotment and storage space, stated upfront so that every user has a guaranteed level of reliability. Since each plan has limits, no other user can cause your website to suffer if they begin to receive more traffic or otherwise create heavy resource consumption.