Cloud Server Hosting

Why Choose Cloud Servers from bodHOST?

What is a Cloud Server?

The Cloud Computing technology paradigm focuses on offering virtualized resources via the Internet to anyone. Anywhere allowing them complete independence of any physical infrastructure, providing a dynamic, highly scalable to run your project.

A Cloud Server is similar to a dedicated server only that the same running in the cloud. This means that resources such as RAM, CPU, connectivity, and disk storage used by each server supplied through the cloud.

Why Choose bodHOST’s Cloud Servers?

eNlight Cloud Hosting solution from bodHOST offers a unique hosting environment that allows you to flexibly grow without limits or prior knowledge. Following are the characteristics of bodHOST’s eNlight Cloud solution that make it the best among other cloud solutions offered by various providers in the industry.

Save Money:

Avoid unnecessary investments in infrastructure and physical resources, pay only for what you use (Pay-as-you-go). Invest money in your business intelligently.

Total Control:

You will have root or administrator access to your Cloud Server. This allows installation and overall management of the programs, whether Database Management Systems, Web Servers, and Mail Servers. You get complete control over your cloud server.

Flexibility & Scalability:

As your business demands it may be increasing the capabilities and features of your server. You can easily perform upgrades and increase server resources. Such as RAM, CPU, disk space, and bandwidth immediately without shutting down your server, preventing your service being affected. This technology even allows for adding new servers if you need more resources in the cloud.

High Availability:

If you have a hardware failure on a server it does not impact the operation of the running services and your site. Because the architecture of the cloud servers designed in such a way that even if a server in the cluster goes down. Within seconds another server immediately replaces it avoiding downtime.

Exclusive Environments:

Each server in the cloud has its unique memory space and single disk storage. And its own operating system management (processes, system permissions, users, scheduled tasks, and other features).

Technical Support:

Backed by a team of highly qualified professionals that provide the best care and will be available to communicate by phone, or email (ticketing system). And live chat to answer any questions or issues that you face with the service. Offering immediate answers and solutions 24×7. This allows you to focus only on your business.

Return to Zero:

Through the eNlight cloud intuitive control panel, easily edit settings, create, start, and shut down a VM, reboot your VM at any time, console service, disk management, view logs, and many more things can be done.

If you are confused about deciding on the hosting solution for your project. We at bodHOST can assist you in choosing the best web hosting solution for your project. Kindly, get in touch with one of our sales executives by initiating a live chat session via our homepage or call us on 866 662 0909 or you can email us your requirements at [email protected].