whats your policy on blacklisted servers? Can you give any guarantees that our server will not be on any blacklists?

February 28, 2008 / Dedicated Server Hosting

Security and protection of the server has become one of the major issues for online businesses. Due to the increasing number of internet fraud, malicious attacks and data theft nowadays , a good infrastructure with regular adaption and inspection essential.

Our innovative strategy makes high level security solutions with affordable even to small and midsize companies.

  1. You would not be allowed to send mails to a mailing list you have bought or acquired. All mails sent to email id’s in the list would be classified as Spam (Unsolicited mails). This is simply because the individuals / companies never gave their consent for such emails to be sent to them. This would be treated as Spam & would result in the offending website account being terminated.
  2. We HAVE to respect all abuse / spam / unacceptable usage / misuse notification emails from major mail-service providers. (hotmail, yahoo, aol, spamcop, btinternet, telefonica etc.) Non – addressable of notifications & complaints from them results in the entire network being black-listed. Which is not feasible under any circumstance. All notifications against website accounts would be forwarded to the website owners for proper actions to be taken.