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Web Host Manager (WHM) : Log In Steps

In order to login WHM you must have your log in details such as Log in IP address, User Name, Password. For an instance we assumes you already have all the required details.

1. First thing you must do is open your Internet web browser and make sure you are not behind free proxy IP address.

2. Click on your web browser’s address bar and enter http:// address of your WHM.

3. That IP address of WHM includes an IP address, followed by the suffix : 2086

4. Simply click on Go Button or Press Enter button.

5. As your WHM is a secure environment that only you have access to your account. You will have to enter User Name and Password to gain access.

6. That’s it. Now you have successfully logged in to your WHM account and able to set up new web hosting accounts, creating packages, and lots of other activities, which will help you to cope up your web hosting business.

7. Once you finished all your activities with WHM. Just close your web browser or click on the log out option.

Note : You can opt similar procedure to Log in to Webmail and cPanel. You can use following port number, just include colon followed the suffix to the end of the domain name.

  • Webmail – :2095
  • cPanel – : 2082
  • WHM – : 2086