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Want to Block an IP Address? Here a Solution…


You might sometimes need to block a specific IP address from accessing your server for several reasons. Follow the simple instructions below which include creating an IPSec Security Policy specifying to block access to specific IP address –

Step 1 – Hover your mouse to Start Menu and click on Run.

Step 2 – Type “secpol.msc” in the run window and click OK.

Step 3 – The Local Security Settings window will open. Click on “IP Security Policies on Local Computer”.

Step 4 – Go to the right window pane, right-click and select “Create IP Security Policy”.

Step 5 – Click Next when the Wizard opens.

Step 6 – The IPSec Security Policy window will open where you can name your new IPSec Security Policy. For example, it is named as “Blocked IPs” here. After naming it, type a description and click Next.

Step 7 – Leave the Activate the default response rule checked and then click Next.

Step 8 – Again leave the Active Directory default (Kerberos V5 protocol) checked and click Next.

Step 9 – A warning window will open but don’t worry simple click Yes.

Step 10 – Keep the Edit Properties box checked and click on Finish.

Step 11 – Uncheck the “Use Add Wizard” checkbox and then click on “Add”.

Step 12 – Again click the Add button.

Step 13 – Uncheck the “Use Add Wizard” checkbox and click Add.

Step 14 – For “Source Address”, click the dropdown menu and choose “A specific IP Address”.

Step 15 – This is where you will enter what IP address you want to block. In this example, the IP address “” is to be blocked.

Step 16 – Click the dropdown menu for “Destination address” and select “My IP Address” and the click OK.

Step 17 – Click OK.

Step 18 – Select the newly created Filter and click on the Filter Action tab.

Step 19 – Select the SI Deny rule and click Apply.

Step 20 – Click OK, then Apply and OK again which will take you back to the main console window.

Step 21 – If everything gets done successfully, it will indicate that the policy is assigned. Your server will now block all requests to that specific IP address.