Cloud Server Hosting

vShield Detect Unprotected Sensitive Data and Protect it Automatically

The high availability of VMware vSphere has been improved. The site recovery manager is an automated fail-over solution for data centers. In the new version 5 up to 75 virtual machines can be automatically restored. Those who are already used to working with virtual machines can feel the advantage of dynamic resource scheduler (DRS), which is now available for storage.

DRS locates the memory automatically on resource consumption at the optimum location, where the standard setting is not enough. It configures performance tests on a percentage utilization and set their own time. New storage space of a new VM will be created automatically on a preset profile.

A major problem of cloud computing is the fear of data loss and theft. The data security company has been severely hampered by new devices such as iPad, iPhone and more. So with these many different smart-phones and tablet computers the challenge to provide secure environment is much more difficult.

This issue VMware has already publicly discussed in recent years in the worldwide in-house exhibition at VMworld in Los Angeles and Copenhagen widely in different sessions and promised its own solutions.

As a result, the function group data security vShield 5 now allows to identify unprotected sensitive data, isolate environments with different security levels to each other and move with safety guidelines when moving data between applications and virtual systems or migrate into the public cloud hosting environment.