Vmware Cloud Servers FAQs

January 7, 2011 / Cloud Server Hosting

Q: How many websites can I host with cloud server hosting?

Ans: You can host unlimited websites, there are no limitations on the number of sites that you can host. However, you just need to make sure that you allocate your cloud server adequate memory, bandwidth, disk space, and processor to manage the demand of your multiple web sites requirement, and if you are unable to figure out how many resources need to be allocated to your cloud server, we will help you to sort out the issue, but for that, you should get in touch with our customer support department.

Q: What operating systems do you support on your cloud servers?

Ans: We support all the latest OS on our cloud servers for Linux Cloud Hosting solutions you can select between CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and FedoraCore OS. For  Windows Cloud Hosting we support Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Q: Same as dedicated servers do I get root access?

Ans:  As similar to dedicated web hosting we will provide root access to your cloud server, however, as we provide a fully managed cloud web hosting solution so you don’t have to worry about your server management tasks.

Q: Do I have an option like Unmanaged Cloud Hosting?

Ans: We will allow you to proceed if you do know how to manage cloud servers, however, we would not recommend it. If you never managed a cloud server before, you need to choose managed cloud web hosting solution. Our technical support expertise will help you in cloud server management so that even a newbie can also take advantage of cloud hosting.

Q:  Do I get a Dedicated IP address?

Ans: We offer two dedicated IP addresses with our cloud hosting plans. If you have an additional requirement for more IPs, you may purchase more on request. For each additional IP address, we charge $2/month.

Q: How much bandwidth amount included with each Vmware Cloud Server?

Ans: We included 800 GB of monthly bandwidth with each server up to 0.8 GHz CPU, and 1000GB between 1.8 GHz CPU and 2.4 GHz CPU. You can purchase additional bandwidth on demand, but you can not purchase customized bandwidth. For Ex. If your cloud server CPU allocation is 0.8 GHz and you are using 800 GB bandwidth and in case of additional requirement you need to be purchased 800 GB bandwidth over and above this amount.

Q: What will happen if the hardware fails?

Ans: Actually there is no chance of hardware failure in our cloud network. The architecture of the cloud network itself is based on self-healing.

Q: What are the payment methods you accept?

Ans: We accept payments through PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards – Moneybookers, Bank transfers, and 2CheckOut.

Q: What kind of Terms and Conditions do you apply with your Cloud Web Hosting services?

Ans: For more information visit  TOS.